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Following the Threads
Linda Hixon
September 18, 2018

Love.  Death.  Abolition.  Work.  Equality.  And…sewing needles?

For more than 150 years, women in Hopedale gathered together and discussed these topics – and many more – while working on textile projects in a group they called the Hopedale Sewing Circle.  Together they forged a strong bond, and left an overwhelming record of their deeds, accomplishments, and other happenings in town.

In the Hopedale Women’s History Project, we have created a new circle, a fellowship of researchers and residents who will assist with exploring and transcribing the story of Hopedale through the words of the women who called this place home.

If you like history, research, or genealogy, or if you are simply a fan of Hopedale or women’s history, become part of the Hopedale Women’s History Project.  The record of these women spans almost 150 years – it’s going to take a community to tell the story about the women of this town.

For more information, contact hopedalewomen@gmail.com or follow us on Facebook www.facebook.com/hopedalewomen